Nude Sonic The Hedgehog Charactors

Nude Sonic The Hedgehog Charactors

Horny universe gigs are right here for you to witness them! Dreamy teenage spends time in sofa getting stripped, fellating off a rubber weenie and packing her weenie pit with it! Bitchy gal of fiction is too willing to take part in this roughest cooter pumping act of her entire life…

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Sonic Xxx 1

Sonic Xxx 1

Wheresoever you survey in world universe you definitely will have glance of juicy caboose heeks obese moon, stellar lengthy gams, slick stomachs, cosmic bristols and oozing gashes fit to bang. Another teenage hotty from universe sports an outstanding pair of hooters to bring to our glance and she never turns down anyone with a rigid stiffy. That mega-slut gets bashed like it is all she is fine for accepting a stiffy in her taut-perceiving buttfuck crevasse and humid pinkish cunt!

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Sonic Hentai Manga

Sonic Hentai Manga

Smooching and kneading is the way each world routine to begin, but one can never foresee what it will come down to. Cock-squeezing bitch rams her face with 2 spears, bellows noisily as her backdoor is poked and doesn’t stop getting poked until everyone had a turn! Honest universe bitch with a doable figure gets her twat, assfuck violate, jaws and udders packed with gigantic spears and gets her meat udders spilled with semen!

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Neokats Sonic Hentai Comic

Neokats Sonic Hentai Comic

Crazy nymph getting butt-banged and taking a phat amount of sexually attractive testicle tonic right inbetween her little rosy honeypot lips… Check out those tastey honeys from flash getting bare in the way you have never seen before! Another teenager star from known boasts this sumptuous bosom to bring to our glance and she can never deny anyone who comes up with a jizz-shotgun…

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Amy Rose Sonic Hentai

Amy Rose Sonic Hentai

We go on with universe: humid instances of rectal, oral and traditional fuck-a-thon and some strenuous threeway episodes as well… Groovy sweetie rails manhood, gets shagged arse to throat and receives in the throat a muddy share of nut nectar. Bodacious prostitute from fiction is bobbing under strenuous beaver attack inwards this article.

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A Sonic Orgy Part 3

Read part 2 first.

There were only six people left in the living room: Silver the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Mina Mongoose, Blaze the Cat, Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot. Vanilla, Sonic and Knuckles had gone to the cellar to get more wine; when they didn’t return, Rouge went for an inspection and she hadn’t returned either; and Shadow went was checking how the kids, Cream and Tails were doing. They were all very supsicious about everybody suddenly not returning, and Amy decided to volunteer and check it out. She opened the door towards the cellar and quietly stepped down the stairs. She heard moaning and sopping noises; her ears were pointed as she crawled carefully down the stairs. When she got close enough to see what was happening, she gazed upon her worst nightmare…

Sonic was getting a blowjob by Vanilla while Knuckles was licking her clit. Sonic had his eyes closed and didn’t notice his self-appointed girlfriend was watching him being sucked by her best friends’ mother. Sonic moaned and pulled his blue cock out of Vanilla’s mouth; spurting his hedgehogcum that Amy had wanted for years all over Vanilla’s mature but firm tits.

‘Damn, that’s the fourth time your making me cum! You’re the best mom ever!’ Sonic said and he kissed Vanilla on her panting mouth. Amy’s heart was broken as she rushed upstairs and ran through the living room, her hands covering her eyes and tears flowing down her cheeks.

‘Amy, what’s going on?’ Silver said. Amy sobbed and she ran out of the room.

‘I’ll go check her.’ Mina Mongoose said and she ran after her.

Mina opened the door which let to the sauna of the Rabbit-family. She saw Amy crying on one of the shelves, and Mina stepped towards her. She put her arm around Amy’s shoulder and Amy looked at the teen mongoose.

‘What’s wrong Amy? You can tell me, I’m your friend.’ Mina said, comforting Amy.

‘I-its’s Sonic.’ Amy sobbed.

‘What has he done this time?’ Mina sighed.

‘I-I caught him… in the c-cellar… He was fucking Vanilla!’ Amy cried out.

Mina was shocked. Amy was not the only one with a crush on Sonic… Mina had been wanting to be his lover for years…

‘Oh Amy… I…’

‘I don’t understand him! I’ve been available all this time! He could fuck me anytime he wants! And then one other slut shows her big tits and she can get him in a second! It’s not fair! Why not me?!’ Amy cried out and Mina rubbed her shoulder.

‘You’re… you’re not the only one Amy…’ Amy looked up. ‘I’ve been wanting him all this time too… there were moments when I thought I finally got him, but then he ran of with Sally… I don’t understand him either.’

Amy and Mina hugged. ‘C-can you keep a secret Mina?’ Amy asked with a blush.

‘Of course.’ Mina responded.

‘Every single night… I pretend like he’s in my bed… and I masturbate with his image. There hasn’t been a night I skipped it. Even when I had a sleepover… I’m a complete addict. It’s because I’ve never been loved by anyone. I’ll be a virgin forever. Are… are you still a virgin?’ Amy asked with tears in her eyes.

‘I… I masturbate often too… and one night I got my microphone and I… deflowered myself.’ Mina shamefully admitted.

‘We’re one of the same kind.’ Amy sobbed.

Mina pressed her cheek against Amy’s. Amy picked away Mina’s tears and Mina did the same thing to Amy. They both smiled to each other and looked into their eyes. They were both green, just like Sonic’s. Beautiful eyes, full of passion and lust. Mina and Amy’s noses pressed against each others and they were both thinking the same thing.

‘We can of course… practice with each other…’ Mina stuttered. Amy pressed her lips against Mina’s and Mina kissed back. She opened her mouth and let Amy’s tongue slip into hers, sharing their saliva. Mina’s hands disappeared under Amy’s dress and Amy’s hand went down inside Mina’s shorts. The pink hedgehog and the yellow mongoose kissed with passion and let each other go, allowing them space to undress. Mina took of her tanktop and shorts, exposing her small but firm tits. Amy unzipped her dress and two round breasts appeared. Mina sucked Amy’s nipple and she moaned as the sauna got warmer and the fog started to appear.

The girls played with each other’s breasts for a while and decided to take off their panties. Their wet pussies became visible and they started to kiss again, touching each other’s teen butts and stroking their short tails. Amy laid down on the shelve and invited Mina to do a 69. Mina agreed and she got into position. Amy licked the mongoose-pussy above her mouth and Mina moaned softly. Mina licked Amy’s pink virgin pussy and Amy moaned even louder. They both got into the spirit and started licking each other’s cunts with great passion. Amy was the first to orgasm; Mina nibbled her clit and her pussyjuices spurted onto Mina’s hot, blushing face. Amy continued eating out Mina and put her finger inside her asshole for a second. Mina cried out in surprise and a few seconds later Amy’s face was covered with Mina’s wet lovesirup.

They both kissed and licked their faces to try out each others juices. Mina rubbed her clit as Mina was inspecting the cupboards; and as she predicted, Vanilla had a big dildo in her house. Luckily, it was a strap-on. Vanilla was quite the horny MILF.

‘You want this?’ Amy said, pointing to the dildo. Mina nodded and Amy sat down on the shelve. Amy climbed on top of her and sat down on the strap-on; she moaned hard when the plastic cock filled her tight cunt completely. Amy grabbed Mina’s thighs with both hands as she started to bang her; with each thrust Mina moaned with her beautiful voice. Amy grabbed Mina’s tits and rubbed her wet body. Mina started to moan more beautiful with every thrust and in an amazing note she came to her orgasm; pussyjuices flowed down the dildo onto Amy’s knees.

‘Your turn?’ Mina panted.

‘I’m saving myself for Sonic.’ Amy said and they kissed one last time: They’re tongues went crazy and drool dripped down her mouths. After a few last small kisses, they took a shower together. They rubbed their teenage bodies with soap and shampoo, which led to a very slippery second orgasm for Amy. After they were cleaned up, they put the strap-on back, put on their clothes and returned to the party.

To be continued.

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Sonic Porn Comics

Sonic Porn Comics

We’ve got epic amounts of irresistibly insatiable universe content inwards from epic restrain bondage act to inner climaxes, cabooses opened up by dual invasion, gang plumbing and more! That doll embarks with receiving a meatpipe and resumes with getting dual-teamed on a sofa! That demonstrate heroes nail their living daylights out: you never spotted them so lusty and longing fuckfest.

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Sonic Naked

Sonic Naked

Boner-longing in slaver-dribbling support tights gets gang-plowed and gets explosions of nut nectar dumped on her by 4 skillful men… It is only too obvious that boner-longing known lovelies haven’t been done for the eternity. Intensely titted hootchie from showcase is wiggling under intense vag attack here in current post…

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Shadow Sonic Porn

Shadow Sonic Porn

Be ready for hard-core fashion photos with dozens of cool doe witnessed half bare world honeys with ripe titties that will have your manmeat engorged rigid as a rock… A biotch from demonstrate collective inbetween a 2-crew of rigid baby-makers that spatter her scorching face with scorching love jam. This biotch demonstrates her beautifully rigid backside and her plane pierced belly as she receives an inward cum-shot while being filmed for the very first time…

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Sonic Hentai Comic

Sonic Hentai Comic

Whorish breezy getting Dp’d and sandwiched inbetween 2 meatpipes in the naughtiest postures! The fiction escorts cannot wait for a bit ofcock-to-beaver kind of act – they get plowed where they are caught and take sizey enormous meatpipes into their sexually anxious poons… Let’s ensue the instance of a stunner from demonstrate who is being penetrated now right on the floor after making purchases a brief while ago…

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